3D Grandfather Clock Screensaver

3D Grandfather Clock Screensaver

3D Grandfather Clock Screensaver will bring memories to your desktop

3D Grandfather Clock Screensaver will bring memories to your desktop.
This pretty screensaver will show you some classic objects that many of you might have seen in your childhood years.
You will be standing in a room inside your grandparents’ house, in a dark and stormy night. What would be a better way to give the atmosphere a feeling of mystery and melancholy?
You will see a small, ancient table next to a window. Outside, the darkness of the night is sometimes interrupted by the flash of lightning, which in turn, illuminate the room too.

On the table you will see a classic antique clock. It has its pendulum, and it’s very ornamented, according to those times. It has a base that looks like marble, typical of those years.
It really gives you the sensation of being very old.
An old style lamp and a vase with fruit complete the scene. All of these objects look so antique that you will be transported to those days, when you used to visit your grandparents.
The lamp even dims its light when lightning falls.

The clock will be giving you the correct time, if the clock of your computer is correct, of course, but it is a nice touch because now it is a screensaver and a clock.
But the feature I liked the most was the painting hanging on the wall behind the table.
It really reminded me of the kind of pictures that my grandparents used to hang on their walls.
However, if you get tired of that picture, the software includes the possibility of using any picture that you want. So now you will be watching the scene, but with the photo of your loved one, or of a breathtaking landscape, or the picture of your friends in a party.

You will probably enjoy this feature. Probably even more than the screensaver itself.

Fernando Soni
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  • The lightning effect is very well done
  • The clock gives the current time
  • You can use your own photos


  • Only one scene, moving slowly a couple of feet
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